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The service we provide implies end-to-end development from discovery and concept creation, deep research to development in iterative processes to make best use of every minute you pay for. We practice client-oriented approach with working by Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban) to create custom software fitting your demands. Collaborating effectively is another core value we stick to.

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Modern Platform

We have the solid knowledge of mainstream technologies including Java, .NET, Node.js, React, Angular and others, and experience of migration from different legacy systems.

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Automated Builds

24-7 software quality feedback including thorough automatic testing of your software.

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Automated Tests

Quicker and more affordable than manual testing, our automated test suites provide up-to-date notification of any regressions.

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Deployment Automation

We design seamless and functional deployment packages through awareness of production deployment goals.

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Virtualization/Public/Private Cloud Ready

We leverage our industry standard knowledge to design applications that are easily-deployed in both private and public cloud settings. This ensures more deployment flexibility for your company.

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Frequent Stress Free Releases

We deploy frequently and use best practice architecture patterns to create software with limited lag time.


What is Aphelion Dynamics Approach?

Custom software development is all about recognizing areas in your business that can be optimized using technology, then making them happen. From automating shipping processes to creating customer communication tools, it eliminates the need for manual labor on repetitive processes, saving your business money and resources that could be allocated elsewhere. Custom software development extends into all areas of business. From automating your inventory processes to complex Artificial Intelligence solutions.

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Your Business is Unique. Your Software Should Be, Too.

Many business owners turn to pre-made software that does, in fact, provide a wide range of benefits to their business. However, as well as this generic software may address some needs, it also produces a wide range of inefficiencies that can reduce profits and your ability to grow.

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Leverage the Hidden Value of Information

Big data has become a major focus on businesses because harnessing its power can provide unparalleled advantages for any company. Using custom software to gather, analyze and assess this data leads to intelligent decision making, which provides a competitive advantage for your business.

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Your Business Needs Custom Software Today More Than Ever

With custom software able to completely revolutionize the way companies across all industries do business, you simply cannot maximize efficiency in today’s world without custom software development. Each piece of bespoke software that we create directly addresses a need within your business.

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Plan Your Application Service Journey with Aphelion Dynamics

Almost every company is delivering a complex mix of applications – starting from custom applications to applications hosted on virtual servers, packaged applications or services hosted outside of their business environment. Managing all these different sets of applications in a multi-channel environment is becoming a major challenge.

At Aphelion Dynamics, we combine strategy, technology, data science and design based on the needs of our customers, to create solutions or services that enhance their business models.

operational efficiency as a must

Accelerate your business

Your business vision and strategy place a great deal of expectation on application landscapes. You seek the ability to react quickly to changing business and customer needs. Operational efficiency is a must, both in ICT operations and business processes, as business growth and innovations require agile development and new digital services.

We drive the competitiveness of leading enterprises via superior digital services and operational efficiency. Our local presence and industry-focused consultants, zero-touch automation approach, agile and DevOps ways of working and global delivery excellence offer you and your business optimal execution.

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